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Fresh Flowers - Air

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Always Fresh

We ensure that the quality of the produce is maintained till it reaches our consumers.

Chemical Residues Free

We leverage best in class innovative technologies to provide safe food for end consumers.

Scientific Packaging

We use Controlled Atmospheric and Modified Atmospheric Packaging solutions for retaining the quality of produce till it reaches end consumer.

Who We Are

Welcome to Blessing Cargo

Blessing (Export Unit) brings you more than just fresh fruits,vegetables, greens. We carefully select our vegetables to ensure that you get the best quality in your Shop, kitchen, restaurant, or manufacturing plant. For generations, we have served multiple shops, supermarkets, juice manufacturers, and other businesses dedicatedly.

Premium Quality Carbire Free Fruits
Enjoy the sweetness of premium quality delicious Fruits varieties, which are carbide-free, Handpicked, and sourced directly from farmers following good agricultural practices

Afforable Price
Nothing beats our incredible prices for all the products we deliver. For that, choose our fresh fruits, vegetables, greens and save big.

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Our Exporting Products

We are Top new organic product send out items included apples, grapes, oranges, strawberries, and cherries, Top new vegetable product wares included lettuce, potatoes, yams, onions/shallots, and cauliflower.


Why Choose Us

We strongly support best practice sharing across our operations around the world and across various industrial sectors.

High Quality
A product of high quality is typically built to last and designed to meet or exceed the needs best, of the highest quality and expectations of the customer.
On time Delivery
On time delivery drives better collaboration with your customers, ensures reliability of delivery and most importantly customer loyalty.
Customer Support
A customer support for 24/7 will often offer a substantial positive simply because it means customers are more likely to stay with a business that helps them immediately.

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